Vacuum and Ventilation Filter

To protect vacuum valves and vacuum generators from pollution and resulting operational failures FEZER offers a large range of vacuum and ventilation filters. From the smallest inline filters to cup filters to large dimensioned filters with sheet metal housings. All filters are equipped with exchangeable filter cartridges, that can be cleaned or exchanged if necessary.


Filter Elements

Filters and Water Separators

Technical Data Description

Vacuum Filter VF

Connect. G3/8 ... G21/2 Vacuum filter with sheet metal housing for vacuum pumps and smaller  

Vacuum Filter SFS

Connect. Hose-Ø 50 ... 60 Vacuum filter with plastic housing for vacuum blower with high flow rate tl_files/content/icons/PDF.gif  

Vacuum Filter VFT

Connect. G1/8 ... G1/2 Vacuum filter made of plastic with clear glass lid for ejctors and
small vacuum pumps

Vacuum Filter VFI

Connect. Schlauch-Ø 4 .. 6 inline vacuum filter for direct installation on hose lines tl_files/content/icons/PDF.gif  

Ventilation Filter BFS

Connect. G1/8 ... G1 ventilation filter for installation on vacuum valves on the ventilation side tl_files/content/icons/PDF.gif  

Ventilation Filter BF

Connect. G1/2 ... G11/2 ventilation  filter for installation on vacuum valves on the ventilation side tl_files/content/icons/PDF.gif  

Water Separator WA

Connect. G1/2 ... G11/2 application with wet or moist surfaces tl_files/content/icons/PDF.gif